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Occupational Therapy

The Benefits of Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) addresses the fundamental factors that impede children from functioning effectively in their home, school, and community environments. OT promotes functional skills through meaningful and purposeful activities, particularly through play.
Therapy incorporates enjoyable activities and experiences to encourage children's participation in tasks that enhance strength, coordination, range of motion, perceptual skills, cognitive abilities, sensory processing, and self-esteem.
This holistic approach aids children in successfully navigating various environments by involving them in "just right" challenges, fostering a sense of accomplishment and advancement in various functional aspects, including but not limited to:

  • Fine Motor skills – Writing, coloring, cutting

  • Gross Motor skills – Jumping, throwing, catching

  • Self-Help Skills – Dressing, Self-feeding, grooming

  • Visual Perceptual and oculomotor skills – Tracking, Convergence, Figure ground, visual discrimination, spatial relations

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