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Occupational, speech and physical therapy from infancy to adolescence
Providing services in clinic, homes and school based services
Connections Therapy Commitment
Our compassionate clinicians meet each child where they are. Through child-led, family-centered therapeutic intervention, we facilitate development and growth in areas of concern. We champion collaboration among parents, caregivers, and the treatment team; in addition to connecting families with community resources that will promote progress.
Using a holistic approach, occupational therapy improves the level of independence and functioning for children of all abilities. Through the use of engaging, meaningful and purposeful activities, we target the underlying factors that hinder functioning. Our aim is to increase success and quality of life in the home, school, and community environments.
Our goal is to support your child in achieving their highest level of communication through a personalized therapy plan emphasizing clarity, effectiveness, and consistency. Speech therapy empowers children to express themselves clearly and effectively, giving each child a voice.
Our pediatric physical therapists pinpoint a child's limitations and craft a personalized plan to help them overcome physical challenges, enhancing strength and balance. This empowers children to thrive in their daily activities, engage with peers, and ensure their safety.
The Benefits of Therapy
Pediatric Therapy can significantly improve children's lives. If your child is facing challenges in the areas of speech, sensory processing, motor concerns, or other difficulties that hinder day-to-day engagement, our Connections Therapy team can offer your child the intervention and support needed to improve their functioning.
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Comprehensive evaluation
discuss the results
Therapeutic Intervention
We will complete a detailed intake to understand your child's needs. A comprehensive evaluation is schedule with a therapist that has the experience and expertise to address your child's specific concerns.
After the evaluation is completed, we'll have a discussion about the results. This feedback session will involve the therapist and parents, which can be conducted via phone, Zoom, or in-person.
We will schedule ongoing therapy sessions. Our therapists will provide one on one therapy, while offering caregiver guidance and support for maximum benefits at home and school.
As recommended, we will conduct reevaluations to assess your child's progress and develop additional goals, home programs and strategies.
When you reach out to our office, our administrative team will guide you through these steps:
Creating Connections:
The journeys of our children and families
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